intu blind features, intu roller with hoppers

The INTU system is simply the most innovative and flexible blind system available, integrating neatly into all modern doors and windows. INTU has been designed for use throughout the home or business and enhances the look of any conservatory. Designed in the UK, over a quarter of a million INTU blinds have been sold.

intu roller with vine & butterfly fabric

INTU Roller Blinds

The design of the INTU Roller blind makes it particularly ‘child safe’, eliminating all hanging cord loops and chains. INTU Roller blinds can easily be installed in any home without the need for screws or holes, allowing them to be installed in minutes. Perfect for use in conservatories, the extensive range of fabrics gives you a wide choice of designs and styles to suit any room.

intu beadfit pleated blind and wicker chair

INTU Blinds

INTU blinds fit perfectly into the inside frame of most modern windows and conservatories including tilt and turn windows and glazed doors. By securing into this bead, the fixing brackets and mechanism are hidden, light gaps are reduced and shading and heat control are increased. INTU blinds require no drilling or screw fixing, meaning that window frames remain unmarked and installation is quick and easy.

stylish control, hand operated intu with integrated handle & bottomrail

Stylish Control 

INTU bottom rail has an integrated handle built into its sleek profile, simplifying the design and making the blind more attractive. This feature also minimises light gaps at the window sill by giving a tighter closure.
intu beadfit venetian blind with brown hardware

INTU Co-ordinates with your Window Frame

INTU components are available in white, silver or brown. Choose white to match PVCu windows, silver for a modern look or brown to suit timber windows. A large range of cords also ensures a co-ordinating blind when selecting your chosen fabric or slat.
intu beadfit blind with pleated fabric

Pleated Range

Pleated blinds provide a warm, soft look to any room and are especially appropriate for use in conservatories. INTU blinds come in a range of over 90 pleated fabrics in a wide choice of beautiful colours and finishes. Many are available with ASC (Advanced Solar Control) backing which allows optimum control of solar heat and light, acting as a barrier to heat loss and offering protection from harmful UV rays.

The pleated range also contains performance fabrics that have fire retardant, block out and dim out properties.

intu beadfit pleated blind with cellular fabric

Cellular Pleated Range

Cellular blinds not only look stylish, they actually help to insulate your home, thus increasing energy efficiency. The honeycomb design traps air, thus keeping rooms cooler in summer and warmer in winter, which is especially useful for conservatories. The unique construction means that there are no visible holes in the fabric giving it a sleek modern look.

There are 11 fabrics in the Cellular range, 6 with standard shading and 5 rated as block out and all have a reflective ASC coating (Advanced Solar Control) to further prevent control heat loss.

illustration of twistlock handle and rod for out of reach intu pleated and cellular blinds

Operation for multizone and bottom up blinds - twistlock

With a long reach, 1.5m operating rod, Twistlock can be used to operate Multizone or Bottom Up INTU blinds that are out-of-reach. The rod can then be removed and store for future use.
buttom up top down intu screwfit pleated blind

Bottom Up INTU blinds

INTU blinds can be supplied to open from the top down only, this feature is available on any INTU blind using fabric from the Pleated or Cellular range. This is particularly suitable for ground floor flats.
intu roller blind fascia headrail

INTU Roller Fascia

The unique design of the INTU Roller low profile fascia gives a sleek, modern appearance, taking the popular roller blind to a new level. The roller fabric is encased in the stylish fascia, enhancing the attractive finished appearance of the blind..

intu roller blind bottom bar, tilt and raise

Tilt & Raise 

The streamlined bottom rail gives perfect control, easily locking into position at any point. To operate your INTU Roller blind, simply tilt and raise or lower the blind as required.

safety in mind intu blind with mother and child


INTU blinds are the safest blind you can buy. The most common cause of injury by window blinds is loose-hanging cord loops. Since INTU do not have any cords or loops they are completely safe for use around children or pets. 
For more information please see our Safety in Mind brochure.

intu screwfit blind with tension cord

Intelligent Tension System

INTU blinds are tensioned to prevent your blind from rattling against the glass when you open your window or door, and allows up to 15 degrees of tilt. To raise or lower the blind simply move the bottom rail up or down and the tension system holds it perfectly in place.
intu beadfit blind with venetian slat

Venetian Range

INTU blinds are available with 25mm and 16mm Venetian slat in a variety of finishes including wood effect, perforated and pearlescent in a wide range of colours.
intu pleated blind with unipleated cord

Perfect Pleated Blinds – Unipleat System

Pleated blind fabric can sag over time. Gravity pulls the fabric down, the density of pleats increase at the bottom and flattens at the top, meaning that fabric loses its shape and looks unattractive and dowdy. Our patented Unipleat cord prevents this from happening and ensures that blinds always sit perfectly to retain that brand new look.

intu beadfit venetian with top tilt control rod operation

Operation for out-of-reach INTU blinds – operating rod

Made from tough aluminium alloy with a protective coating and available in two sizes, 30cm or 60cm, the operating rod is used when the installation is out-of-reach. INTU operating rods are supplied ready to use, to open and close the blind. The rod fits into the bottom rail where a slot has been provided and allows you to move the blind up or down to increase the amount of light in the room or provide more shading. Remove the connector from the slot and store for future use.

Venetian blinds can also easily be tilted using this control rod. Insert the connector end into the tilt control at the top and apply light pressure until the connector slides into the desired position. The rod can be removed and stored until required again.

intu beafit pleated blind with multizone

Multizone INTU blinds

If you require greater control over shade and light than offered by a standard INTU blind, Multizone is the solution. Multizone blinds have two moving rails allowing you to operate the blind both at the top and bottom. Multizone is a feature on any INTU blind using fabric from the Pleated or Cellular range.