Autumn/Winter Interior Trends for 2016/17 – Spice Road

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We have created some trend boards to help you with your Autumn/Winter 2016/17 interiors, working from our Style Studio Roller and Vertical collection you can create these looks at home. The top trends this season are Spice Road, Urban Chic and Winter Garden. Each week, we will dive into the trend topic highlighting colourways and prints that would look fabulous throughout your home.

Create these trends at home by using a feature print or solid colour for your blinds and adding soft furnishings throughout the room which tie in with the colour scheme. Our Palette and Banlight plain ranges have a wide selection of colours to choose from, with this season’s key colours incorporated into each trend board.

Spice Road

Spice road celebrates this trend’s bohemian roots and bold colour palette of rich and earthy tones, such as reds and purples. These are ideal for the Autumn months as the weather turns colder we tend to look for a comforting and snug interior.

Traditional Kilim weaves, eastern rugs, textiles and Moroccan tile patterns have all influenced the geometric patterns within this trend.  Intricate patterns such as Azzura and Casablanca lend themselves easily to this theme; choose inviting tones of Plum, Redcurrant, Fudge and Sand from the Palette range to balance vibrant patterns.

To create a more subtle version of this trend, take inspiration from natural fabrics and textiles. For example use Linenweave in tones of Sand, Havana or Espresso to hint at the warm, rich, spice colours.  To complete this look, complement your blinds with quilted cushions, embossed fabrics and contrasting textured plains to create an exotic yet modern interior scheme.

Spice road

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Check back next week as we continue our Autumn/Winter 2016/17 trends with Urban Chic.

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