Autumn/Winter Interior Trends for 2016/17 – Winter Garden

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Our final interior trend for Autumn/Winter 2016/17 is Winter Garden, as we transition into the cooler months.

Winter Garden

Winter Garden is a luxurious yet rustic trend.  Drawing colour inspiration from mosses, bark and lichen, these rich and harmonious tones of earthy green and brown create a warm and comforting interior.

Highlights of Hemp, Spring and Sand from the Palette range give a bright, fresh feel to this theme. Warm and inviting, shades of Dark Olive and Concrete can complement designs such as Arden Biscotti and Fern Sand which echo the natural, woodland inspiration behind this trend. More simple and graphic patterns, such as Fusion Sand or Japonica asc Hessian, provide a way to introduce more subtle pattern to your interior.

To finish this look, complement your blinds with accessories in warm tones of natural woods or for a more glamorous feel, add hints of metallic gold or copper which will contrast beautifully against the deep greens and warm neutral tones.


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