Brass is back!

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Throughout 2015 and 2016, copper was our metallic of choice, but 2017 & 18 brings the revival of Brass, our interior style staple.

Brass is an elegant and timeless metal, giving your home that touch of sophistication that goes beyond door handles and lighting features.


From a style statement to a touch of warmth, brass has the ambiguity to be used as a vintage look or a modern twist. No matter which way you choose to incorporate brass, it definitely has the power to add interest and charm to your home.

Modern Twist

For an ultra-contemporary flair, introduce brass chairs, tables and chandeliers as statement pieces; or softly accessorize the space with candle holders, pendant lights or brushed brass finishes for a subtle touch of luxury. Pair with backdrops of dark blue, green or purple for a striking statement.


Vintage Flair

We love a good come back, and welcome brass back with open arms. This metal has an air of vintage style. But don’t be mistaken, vintage does not necessarily mean old furniture and ancient art pieces; in fact, a vintage look could be established by combining stylish metals with marble floors or terrazzo countertops.


At Style Studio our blinds and curtains are available in numerous metallic tones, from gold and silver to rose gold. For a vintage-esque inspired living space, introduce Giza Stone, a beautiful, rich roman blind paired with Hex Stone a geometric inspired curtain. These window coverings alongside a magnificent chandelier and fireplace can create a vintage theme bursting with luxury.


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