Bringing the outside in!

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Nature surrounds us in our everyday life, with refreshing and revitalising colours symbolic of new beginnings, growth and life. We’ve put together our top tips on how to bring elements from the outdoors, indoors.

Potted plants

The easiest method of including nature in home décor is with potted plants and fresh flowers. These can be easily dotted around different areas of the home. Or why not introduce hanging baskets to plain walls? This is a great alternative to shelved or floor plants, and can be easily changed or refreshed when you choose.



Terrarium – “A miniature garden created under glass in a sealed or unsealed container” A fantastic way to introduce growth and life into your home is with your own indoor garden! The container creates the ideal environment for plants to flourish with natural light passing through the transparent material of the terrarium allowing for plants to photosynthesize. Add additional extras such as pebbles and rocks for your plants to really thrive!


Let there be light

We love light and what better way to brighten your home than with skylights. Natural light can be a real mood booster, creating a fresh and cheerful atmosphere within your home. If skylights are not a feasible option, don’t worry, large windows also do the same job.



At Style Studio we are embracing Pantone’s colour of the year – Greenery. Green mimics nature and the correct shade will make a room feel like it links seamlessly to what’s outside the window.

Introduce Palette Fresh Apple Vertical blinds to your bedroom and wake up feeling energised. Darker tones of green represent a feeling of harmony and balance; try this in a relaxing area such as a living room or conservatory to keep yourself and visitors feeling fresh.



But it’s not all about Green; you can embrace nature in other ways.

Wood effect furniture has been on trend for several seasons now, particularly due to its strong link to rusticity. Unusual storage solutions made from real wood can add an earthy feel, with wooden flooring being the pinnacle of any home.


Our Pinterest is bursting with tips on how to embrace the outdoors, indoors!

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