Celebrate Universal Children’s Day!

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“The best way to make children good is to make them happy.” (Oscar Wilde, Author and Poet)

We’ve heard it said that ‘Children are the future’; future doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers but to grow and adapt into these characters it is our responsibility to mould, nurture, protect and educate them.

 Universal Children’s Day

Children should be given the right to health, happiness, education and safety, and on November 20th every year, the world unites to celebrate Universal Children’s Day, a day dedicated to enforcing these rights and allowing children to thrive.

Universal Children’s Day - children reading

Child Safe Window Blinds

Child safety is paramount and we encourage you to bear this in mind when it comes to choosing the perfect blind for your home. All of Style Studio’s blinds are either Child Safe by Design or have accompanying components to make the blinds child safe. Motorised blinds are growing in popularity due to their easy operation. Style Studio’s Powershade Roller blinds were designed to fully address concerns over child safety, and with no cords or chains, Powershade Roller is an ideal alternative to the standard roller blind, giving you complete peace of mind in your home.

child safe Mirage roller blinds

A child’s early development is significant, particularly as an infant taking in the exciting world around them. Research has shown that children respond to bright colours, shapes and patterns. When decorating your child’s bedroom why not introduce prints that are bright, magical and enticing? Style Studio has a great selection of roller blind fabrics such as Woodland Story, Nursery Rhymes and Blast Off to create that playful atmosphere. All of these children’s designs have the added benefit of a blackout finish, helping to promote a good night’s sleep.

children's bedroom blinds

On November 20th let’s celebrate our children by helping them flourish and grow into the leaders of the next generation!

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