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Move away from pink and blue, and be one of a kind!

Children’s bedrooms are used for sleeping and playing therefore they should be stylish, fun and comfortable. It is important to create a space which reflects their personalities whether that be through themes, pattern or colour. It can be difficult decorating the bedroom of someone that grows and changes so quickly. But don’t fret because we’re here to help and have come up with a few ideas of where to begin.

Storage space

Children accumulate masses of toys, books and games, therefore storage space is a must for a child’s bedroom allowing plenty of floor space free to move, play and imagine. Line a wall with a low storage unit that can be used as a bench or a place to play and with pull out, easy-to-clean boxes you can keep clutter at bay. Why not decorate these boxes with fun designs, as well as building novelty shelving to make it appealing for children to tidy away their toys.

Personal touches


Feature some fun, unusual ways to showcase what they love. If your little girl is a budding ballerina incorporate this theme into her living space, or if your son has an interest in animals create a mini stuffed animal zoo. Why not personalise their bedroom further by incorporating their name. Fabric letters are becoming an ever more popular way of displaying names in a bright and colourful way.



Growing and shaping your child into the best person they can be is important for any parent. Introducing numbers and letters from a young age can aid development. There are many ways letters and numbers can be displayed on a child’s bedroom wall in a fun, colourful and interesting way.


Window style

Research shows that children respond well to bright colours, bold patterns and shapes which can be stimulating and beneficial for their development. Introducing striking colours can create a playful environment; let their imagination run wild with Style Studio’s Blast Off roller blind.

Ball shape sofa in boy toddler room

Use colour schemes that complement each other, for example, introduce Style Studio’s Nursery Rhymes roller blind as the statement piece taking colour hues from the blind to use in other aspects of the room décor such as the walls, furniture and soft furnishings. This ties the theme together without feeling overwhelming.

Nursery Rhymes_Roller_Childrens_Bedroom_Edit

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