Christmas Home Touches With Sparkle and Shine

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Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but for many, it’s also one of the busiest. Between buying gifts, preparing food and attending parties we still need to find the time to transform our homes into a wintry wonderland. Embrace your inner sparkle with these ways to make your home (and windows) shine this Christmas time with our fabulously on-trend Christmas decorating ideas below…

Crystal Embellishments

Crystal accessories such as light fittings or a chandelier add a luxe edge to homes and bounce light around a room.




A ‘shades-of-snow’ all-white backdrop with layers of texture, such as snuggly fur and chunky knits, is a classic interior design look that comes into its own at Christmas. Semi sheer opaque blinds will diffuse light and prevent the scheme from feeling cold. Visual interest is enhanced with pattered semi-transparent window blinds that illuminate with a delicate contrasting design as the light shines through.

Twinkling Fairy Lights


Fairy lights brighten homes with a thousand tiny shining stars. They’re a time honoured Christmas tradition and can look just magical in the home. We love these ideas from Cosmopolitan on how to weave fairy lights into rooms all year round.

They’re also a safe option for an atmospheric bathroom when combined with scented candles and soft diffused natural light through window blinds. Our pleated blinds create a dappled lighting effect that can make a room feel ultra cosy at winter time.

Metallic Fabrics


Metallics are everywhere come December, yet this is a great year round trend. Metallics in the home provide a glamorous boutique hotel finish. For a look that’s effortless and elegant, use a neutral palette of opalescent silver or gold and layer with tactile materials with a soft delicate sheen.

Glitter Decorations

Homemade decorations can be very effective and needn’t look tacky. If, like us, you think everything from pinecones to pears looks better with a coating of glitter, then you’ll find some shimmering inspiration over on our Sparkle & Shine Pinterest board.

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