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Posted January 3, 2016 In: /

One hot new trend for 2016 is mixing industrial elements with soft, natural materials. The theory behind it is that these contrasting textures and surfaces work in harmony together as they enhance the essential character of each other.

The secret to achieving style success with this trend is about combining rough and smooth, man-made and natural. Key materials are concrete, marble, timber, leather and metallic elements. So embrace spaces with exposed walls, stone floors, and steel window frames. However, to some, a full-on industrial space really is too much, but you can still bring hints of the industrial ‘factory floor’ style by using old wooden pallets and storage boxes as furniture.

In fact there are many ways to explore and enjoy this look, so have fun and delight in trying out a combination of materials and touches that suit you. Try wood-chip or log cabin-style wallpaper or be bold with a flint tiled or Hessian covered accent wall. Let the light in with pleated blinds that subtly reflect the tactile quality of this design; these ones are from Style Studio’s pleated and cellular collection,


Remember, for this to work really well, your design eye and sense of taste plays a vital role. All of these hard elements need to be softened by pairing them with fun accent shades and soft textures. This playful look is all about contrast, so dress touch and unrefined pieces with lively touches of colour, soft-feel textiles and flawless marble finishes. Bring your look together with bright artwork and crafty touches such as knitted throws, crocheted pouffes and simple cotton lampshades.

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