Ultimate Design Style Guide: Rustic

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A significant challenge we face as consumers is how to define our personal interior design style – it can be daunting to decide which style to choose whether it be traditional, contemporary or rustic. Each week at Style Studio we will go into detail on our favourite styles, with colour, patterns and furniture – giving you the ultimate guide to find the perfect solution for your home!


Rustic design styles are becoming ever more prominent in interiors showcasing the natural beauty of the outdoors. A rustic look can be generated through the use of rugged and resilient textures, shapes and patterns blended together for a strong effect.

This style isn’t interested in shiny new products; instead look for something with age, a timeworn piece that conveys a story. This style has the power to create a nostalgic feeling due to the incorporation of vintage furniture such as a stove fireplace or a magnificent chandelier alongside wooden panels and flooring.

Style Studio Rustic Blinds

Warm and earthy colour tones scream rusticity. The likes of wood effect brown, forest green, denim blue, as well as crisp white all add impact into the design style.

Linenweave Flax Roller Blind

Traditional patterns are important, from simple window coverings to a patchwork quilt being thrown across a wooden paneled bed, emphasising the feeling of homespun nature.

When adding blinds and curtains to the space, it’s important to maintain the rustic vibe by utilising sturdy and hardworking fabrics such as linen and cotton. Style Studio’s Linenweave Flax blind fabric would be ideal for a living space with Chenille Snocap blind fabric perfect for a bathroom interior.

Chenille Snocap Rustic Blind

Wood effect furniture as well as woven materials can bring a rustic interior to life, however be sure to maintain a comforting ambiance by softening the look with crisp, fresh blinds and furnishings.

Stay tuned next week where we will dive into contemporary design style in part 2 of our ultimate guide.

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