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With texture being given the leading role and homeowners searching for affordable luxury, 2017 is looking like the year for stylish, cosy and homely interiors. Below Lorna McAleer, interiors expert at made-to-measure blinds brand Style Studio, outlines their top looks for 2017 along with how to achieve them with window blinds, curtains and soft furnishings.

2017 Trends:

  1. Soft Geo
  2. Natural Living
  3. Organic Textures
  4. Everyday Luxury (including Velvet Revival, Brocade Brigade and Metallic Luxe)

Soft Geo

Texture is the buzz word for interiors in 2017, and the Soft Geo trend is defined by the layering of fabrics throughout a room.

Lorna McAleer says,

“Soft Geo is a progression of the geometric trend we’ve seen in recent years. This look is all about introducing materials that make it difficult to resist the urge to reach out and touch them.”

“Geometric patterns in varying scales are applied to quilted textiles and embossed or woven into cotton, linen or silk, giving them a softer, more feminine edge.”

“To encourage the sense of tactility, we’ve mixed coarse weaves with an intricate micro-triangle repeat, next to linens with a large scale hexagonal design and cushions with decorative swirling forms. Smooth plain fabrics with a slight sheen add further visual interest.”

The devil is in the detail:

Tiny, micro-repeat geo patterns and textured trellis detailing is layered up at the windows and carried throughout the room on cushions and soft furnishings.


Natural Living

Trend forecasters everywhere are predicting a continuation of interior design inspired by nature in 2017.

“Fascination with the delicate biology of nature informs this trend, where flora and fauna are explored with defined detail.”

“It’s a look that revels in the wonder of the natural world and incorporates the amazing lifeforms we see all around us every day; achieved through the introduction of bird/feather motifs, plant life, organic forms and natural fabrics.”

“The design of our Elvira fabric has th feel of a vintage biological illustration and we’ve married this with an embossed vine design of our gorgeous Sherwood fabric curtains.”

“We’ve taken this theme throughout the room on soft furnishings: the detailing on cushions made with ‘Feather’ fabric takes its cue from the thousands of tiny barbs on a bird feather and natural rattan, wool, hessian and linens within the room create a comfortable and calm living space.”

Organic Textures

2017 will be the year of textures – on walls, soft furnishings, floors and window blinds. Layer contrasting weaves, natural textures, soft fabrics and embossed designs expressed in muted tones. This look is inspired by the need to look after the world, so recycling, upcycling and sustainability should be in the forefront of mind and woven throughout the interior design. Natural materials such as unfinished wood and cork play a key role in achieving the look.

“Pleated blinds will bring this textured look to windows; choose a Silkweave fabric that has the appearance of hand crafted paper with layers of opacity that allows light to filter through. Our Hive blinds are made with a honeycomb structure that has heat blocking and sound absorbent capabilities helping homeowners to care for the environment and create beautiful style.”

Everyday Luxury

At the other end of the scale, after years of suffering spending cuts and economic uncertainty, consumers suffering from ‘austerity fatigue’ are becoming more focused on the pursuit of affordable luxury. In homes, this has encouraged a revival of plush materials like velvet and brocade, along with dazzling metallic and crystal finishes.

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