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‘Halloween-in-a-Hurry’ Home Hacks

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Halloween is now one of the most celebrated party nights in the UK’s calendar, second only to New Year’s Eve. As a nation, it’s estimated we’ll spend over £460m on frightful decorations and ghoulish outfits to make this most ‘spooktastic’ occasion a night to remember.

As the big day is fast approaching, we’ve put together some easy ‘Halloween Home Hacks’ to save busy families some precious time and money when decorating their homes this All Hallows Eve.

Orange and black aren’t just for Halloween


Don’t be afraid to experiment with these traditionally spooky colours.  They make for a frighteningly stylish modern interior scheme all year round – so why not browse our selection of black and orange blinds.  Plus when it comes to the spooky season, you can easily add some simple decorations for an eerie update.  Pumpkin fairy lights and stretchy cobwebs are simple but effective. Or why not make some spider webs from the humble bin bag. Find out ‘how to’ from blogger Jessica Jones at How About Orange


No carve (and no mess) pumpkins

Why spend hours hacking away at a pumpkin (and creating a huge gooey mess) when decorating the external skin can be just as effective.  From decoupage to flowers, crystals and fabric, there are hundreds of ‘no carve’ ways to ‘pimp your pumpkins’.  Try one of these fun and easy ideas to ensure your jack o’ lanterns shine this year, even if they don’t have candles inside.

It’s super easy to recreate these gorgeous glistening beauties with PVA glue and glitter. Paint pumpkins in black and white designs for a gothic chic alternative to the carved tradition. Or easiest of all, pop your pumpkins inside some patterned stockings and tie the tops. Contrasting designs will add to the effect.


Images: Adobe Stock Evgenia Smirnova and Jacqy Law

Find more ‘Pumpkin-spiration’ here: No Carve Pumpkin Ideas

Creepy ‘five-minute’ crafts

There are an abundance of clever and creative do it yourself home decorations over on Pinterest and we’ve assembled a special Halloween board for you to browse here {INSERT LINK ONCE LIVE}.  If you’re pushed for time, but want to try some homemade crafts with the kids, then test out these super quick and effective ideas:

Evil eyes in the bushes


Take empty toilet roll holders. Draw scary eye shapes and cut them out. Place glow stick inside. Hide them in the trees outside your home.

Image from rustsunshine.blogspot.com

Severed finger hot dogs

These grotesque snacks from partytipz.com will delight ‘gore-loving’ older kids at Halloween. Simply prepare hotdogs as normal then carve out a nail shape and make some cuts to represent knuckles. Finish with tasty ketchup ‘blood’.


Visit our Halloween Pinterest board here: https://uk.pinterest.com/style_studio/decorating-the-home-for-halloween/

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