How To Choose Kitchen Window Treatments

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Snapped up a new kitchen in the January sales? Our interiors expert Lorna McAleer has this expert advice on dressing kitchen windows.

“January is THE most popular month for new kitchen sales – driven by the significant savings to be made in the sales. But your sparkly new kitchen simply won’t feel ‘finished’ without window dressings – plus they have important practical benefits too.

“Aside from enhancing the aesthetic appeal, window coverings offer privacy, increase security and can even help to control temperatures – hot or cold – as well as softening the acoustics of the room.

“Well-chosen window blinds or curtains will complete a new kitchen or transform an existing one.

“With all the grease and dirt from food preparation, plus high levels of humidity in kitchens from cooking, laundry and washing up, there are lots of easy to clean options. Moisture resistant coatings can also be applied to fabric blinds to prevent the growth of mould and mildew.

“Most homeowners are looking for a flexible solution for kitchen windows, especially those with large glass expanses (often south facing) that feature in many modern kitchens. With lots of sunlight streaming in, flexibility over the position of blinds is essential to control light without obstructing views. Blinds with a multi-zone function will fulfil this need.

“There are specialist blinds to fit most types of kitchen windows and doors, even those that are an awkward shape or have special functionality i.e. pivoting, tilt and turn and increasingly popular bi-fold and tri-fold doors.
“And for those that like a hi-tech kitchen blinds can be motorised and operated via remote control, either singularly or in groups.”

Curtains or Blinds?

“For a streamlined look, with less material for grease and cooking odours to cling to, blinds tend to be preferred for kitchen window dressings, but there’s certainly a place for curtains at the kitchen table.

In fact, we’re seeing a resurgence of customers opting for curtains in the heart of the home – especially when trying to achieve a more traditional or country style.

Curtains work well in open plan kitchen/diners, bringing a homely feel to the eating space. By absorbing sound and stopping it bouncing around hard surfaces/wooden or tiled floors, curtains can really improve the acoustics of larger rooms.

Another bonus is that curtains can easily be removed for cleaning.

Kensington Dijon Curtains_Sion Mimosa Roman Room

Best Kitchen Blinds

Pleated Blinds

To stand up to the humid atmosphere and to fit with specialist doors/windows perfectly, pleated blinds are hard to beat in the kitchen.

Pleated blinds can be made to measure in all shapes and sizes.

Semi-transparent pleated blinds in delicate whites will saturate rooms with light, while still providing privacy, so they’re great for darker rooms and low ceilings.

Colour also looks great at kitchen windows. For a fresh look, why not match up blinds to existing kitchen accessories.

Or try a bright red similar to Pantone’s Cherry Tomato shade – a top trend prediction for 2018.


INTU Pleated Blinds

Infusion Micro Black_1495 GP

For neat integration with most modern glazed features including tilt and turn, French windows and bi-fold/tri-fold doors, fit pleated blinds with an innovative INTU system. It allows blinds to slot directly into the frame of the window or door, so they can be opened or folded back on one another without damaging the blind.

A top-down bottom up function means there are limitless options to position INTU blinds for privacy and light control.

There are no hanging cords with INTU blinds so they’re extra safe for children and pets.

Hive® Blinds

Hive Silkweave Elephant Bottom Bar
And if you can’t stand the heat, there’s no need to get out of the kitchen! Hive® cellular blinds have a honeycomb structure that insulates windows – keeping the temperature just right all year round.

Venetian Blinds

Aluminium and wood effect Venetian blinds are easy to wipe clean and won’t harbour germs, dirt or smells.
The noisy nature of aluminium Venetian blinds means they’re a deterrent for burglars in ground floor rooms with lots of windows.

Adjustable slats provide lots of options for privacy and light control. When not in use, Venetian blinds pull up almost out of sight so won’t to interrupt garden views.

Venetian blinds can also be fitted with an INTU system, allowing multi-zone positioning and fitting the blinds directly into the frames of most modern windows/doors.

From faux wood effects, pretty patterns to bright vibrant colours there are hundreds of slat designs and colours to choose from, plus a range of slat sizes.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are great for bringing pattern and personality to the kitchen.

Many roller blind fabrics have special features such as moisture resistant coating (to defend against humidity and limit mildew) or Advanced Solar Control for better energy efficiency; this acts as a barrier to heat loss and offers protection from harmful UV rays.

Roller blinds can be motorised and operated via remote either individually or in groups, ideal for kitchens with lots of windows and windows that are hard to reach.

It’s easy to follow the latest interior design trends with roller blinds as there are literally hundreds of textures, colours and designs.

Spectrum Lime Kitchen Roller Meadow Flower Hemp and Palette Hemp Kitchen Diner Roller

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