INTU Blinds – What are they?

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We have all experienced the struggle of trying to open a window where the blind gets in the way, especially with windows that open inwards. We at Style Studio feel your pain, and we have a solution to make your life that little bit easier…INTU Blinds!

Intu Kitchen_2018_AnthaGrey_LOWRES

INTU Blinds clip into the window frame, securing the blinds to the window whether you’re opening or closing the window. No holes, No screws, Just Style!

Simple brackets fit into the window bead, tensioning the blind which means, there are no hanging cords or loops, making it one of the safest blinds available! Lift or lower the blind to your desired level.

Sleek and innovative, INTU Blinds are not only practical, but stylish too!


The INTU blind system, which is completely cord and chain free, has been developed in the UK by our exceptional team of designers to tackle Child Safety head on. With no free-hanging cord loops, INTU is child safe by design and especially safe for children, pets and the elderly.

INTU Blinds are available in Roller, Hive or Pleated fabric, and also in Venetian slat. There are four hardware colours to choose from, including White, Silver, Brown and our newest dark grey tone, Anthracite.

Style Studio’s Hive or Pleated INTU system is also available as a multizone option, perfect for keeping out sunlight whilst still allowing light into the room.


If Venetian Blinds are your favourite, why not make them privacy? INTU Privacy is constructed to minimise holes between slats, creating extra privacy.

Dress your windows with style!


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