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Kitchen windows come in all shapes and sizes – from cottage casements to glazed doors. Find the right way to dress yours with our favourite kitchen blind ideas.

It’s no wonder blinds are the kitchen window dressing of choice. Unlike curtains, they’re practical, easy to clean and let in lots of light. What’s more, they’re affordable and perfect for adding a splash of colour to a plain room.

And while there are tons of designs to choose from, it’s not all about looks when you’re picking out blinds for such a hard-working space as a kitchen: you have to consider how the fabric might cope with grease and oil splatters, moisture and heat. Luckily, fabric technology has come on leaps and bounds, with moisture-resistant coatings, light reflecting options and even insulating properties now available.

Ready-to-fit blinds will obviously be cheaper, but you may find that made-to-measure is your only option. For a professional finish, consider a company that will measure up and install for you as part of the price.

Real Homes_Teal KitchenDiner

What about a non- fabric option?

Venetian blinds, both practical and stylish, are usually made from wood, plastic or metal, which makes them easy to wipe down so they won’t harbour germs, dirt or the usual kitchen smells. The adjustable slats provide lots of options for privacy and light control, and when not in use, you can pull them up almost out of sight, which is great if you have garden views. These aluminium Venetian Blinds in teal cost from £81, Style Studio.

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