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Just as consumer confidence to experiment with bold, bright colours has exploded, so too has the desire for patterns; a popular way to enhance a space. While colour contributes to the ambiance of a room, pattern defines its style!

London Fashion week brought the era of pattern to the forefront of Spring/Summer 2017 with Burberry, House of Holland, Temperley London and Christopher Kane all delving deep into the world of shape, structure and motif.  Common print trends included animated florals, bold stripes and geometric shapes.


Vivid shapes can add extravagant accents to interiors, creating a sense of movement and energy as well as giving the eye a place to focus. Designers such as Mulberry and Jasper Conran took to the runway to reveal next season’s trend of mismatching stripes in varying directions and thicknesses.

When introducing stripes to interiors, narrow vertical stripes can add the illusion of height to a room whereas horizontal textures draw the eye across the blind increasing its perceived width.

London Fashion Week - Burberry and House of Holland

Burberry and House of Holland introduced geometry into their collections, including cubes and angled lines which are set to explode next season, adding geometric shapes to interiors can create a contemporary design style.

Patterned blinds and curtains are considered statement pieces, therefore when showcasing these as a visual centre point to a room, be sure to incorporate natural hues to make the space exciting but not too overpowering. To create a tonal environment, pull colours from the pattern to use elsewhere in the room, such as on cushions or throws. Working from the same colour palette can create a strong impact without feeling overwhelming.

Patterned blinds and curtains


Florals and foliage were a major hit this season with Christopher Kane animating his florals, and Ryan Lo creating an over eccentric girly vibe. The most dominant motif that will never go out of style, florals can be easily applied to interiors – whether in a form of a leafy print or flowery masterpiece.

London Fashion Week - Florals

Dainty florals perfectly complement white colour schemes, adding splashes of interest without destroying the tranquil feel. In comparison, dramatic, oversized blooms can be really effective in revitalising a space, a fantastic organic alternative to the geometric print.

Floral blinds

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Image credits; London Fashion Week, House of Holland, Mulberry, Burberry, Marques’ Almeida, Christopher Kane & Ryan Lo

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