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Embrace black and white for a dreamy, fresh, clean and cool bedroom!

Black and white is a classic, timeless combination. Make it modern and on-trend by using chevron prints somewhere bold, like a wall or curtains or on blinds.

Add in grey tones to soften the monochrome (which can be a little harsh otherwise). Use warm or cool greys, or both, then add an accent colour in just a couple o places too, like the navy throw and cushion.

When you reduce the number of colours you’re using, ramp up the different textures to keep things interesting. Go for velvet furniture, smooth cotton sheets, shaggy carpets, brick and bare walls, and vary the fabrics for the bedding and curtains.

A big fluffy white rug in the bedroom is like walking on clouds but it’s also probably not the right choice if you have young kids or pets that come into your bedroom – this is also a ‘no shoes’ room. To make it easier to maintain, you could go for a large grey rug and layer it with smaller, machine washable white shaggy rugs.

This room is sleek, simple and clutter-free. That means it’s important to fit in storage where you can, like this ottoman that opens up, perfect for storing sheets and bedding, and the bedside storage table, great for books, chargers and general bits and bobs.

Choose fashion-inspired prints for your walls, to reflect the modern sleekness of the rest of the furnishing.

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