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With over 25 years in the business and having written for many of the popular home interest magazines such as Grand Designs, Ideal Home and Period Homes & Interiors, it’s fair to say that interiors journalist Linda Parker knows a thing or two about interior design. So we were delighted when she chose Style Studio’s pleated blinds and metallic Venetian blinds for her own home, which she completely renovated in 2016.

We caught up with Linda to find out all abut her home improvements and of course to find out the reasons behind her fabulous choice of window dressings…

“My house is a 1960s detached house, with a light, bright ground floor granny flat which was converted to the new kitchen-dining room. Throughout the new kitchen-diner I wanted to achieve a sleek, contemporary look, in keeping with the property’s simple and straightforward 1960s proportions. The blinds were a key feature of achieving this look – everyone had Venetian blinds in the 60s and 70s!

“I opted for Senses Venetian Blinds in Hammered Coal. My main reasons for choosing these designs were that they came in a great range of colours, and do a brilliant job of providing shade and privacy. However, most importantly, at the same time both styles are extremely discreet and very unnoticeable when not in use.”

linda1In the kitchen, a very neutral scheme which includes limestone – style porcelain tiles and an oak dining table is invigorated with flashes of bright orange that really bring the room to life. Introducing INTU Micro pleated blinds in Infusion asc Micro Taupe in a more subtle, muted bronze tone, was the perfect way to lead the eye around the room to the patio door area, bringing all elements of the room together without it feeling overpowering.

“Practically speaking, pleated blinds were a great option for the French doors because I wanted something that would give shade if necessary, but which would ‘disappear’ as far as possible when not actually being used. The smaller 16mm pleat of the INTU Micro blinds was ideal for this. I needed blinds that were fixed into position as the doors open outwards and I didn’t want things flapping around if it was windy, for example. The fact that these blinds clip straight into the beading of the door is a great solution to this problem, maintaining the full function of the doors.

Originally, I planned to have a beaten copper effect splashback for the kitchen, so the metallic blinds for the dining room were in part chosen as I loved the bronze-metallic-speckled finish; it has a lovely aged effect. I wanted blinds that were anchored into position because we have the windows open all day and I wanted to be able to have the blinds either pushed right up and out of the way or pulled down and tilted to give a little bit of shade, and again, not flapping around in the breeze.

linda 2The kitchen-dining room gets extremely hot, bright and sunny. It’s very conservatory-like, so we realised very quickly that shade would always be required at certain times of the day. We also wanted blinds from a privacy point of view as when the lights are on in the evening it can feel a little bit exposed! But practically, it’s more for the convenience of leaving the blinds down when we are away, rather than being overlooked.

The clean, crisp lines of both styles of blinds – Pleated and Venetian – just work beautifully with the simple design lines of the kitchen, I’m thrilled with the whole look!”

Browse Linda’s blinds:

Hammered Coal Venetian Blinds

Infusion asc Micro Taupe Pleated Blinds

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