Perfect Fit – Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms

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As the average British home gets smaller, we all find ourselves looking for ways to save space without compromising on easy living. Little bedrooms are a tricky proposition as they need to be calm and tranquil while accommodating all of our clothes, shoes and accessories, plus spare bed linen and countless other items that we simply don’t have places for in the rest of the home. Storage is obviously paramount to solving this problem, but this needn’t mean stuffing huge items of furniture into the room – built-in systems that can be customised to suit you are widely available in any style.

Think about whether you want a clean, sleek look or a more relaxed feel – this will help you decide between open storage or hidden. Consider the colour scheme and materials too. Glossy or mirrored surfaces will certainly help to reflect light around the room, giving a brighter and bigger feel, while matt finishes have a subtle, unobtrusive effect, which can also make the room feel calmer and therefore more spacious. Whatever you choose, remember you will have it for years to come, so don’t rush and make sure you visit showrooms if you can view things in person before you decide. Blinds can be really effective in a small bedroom bringing a hit of colour without overwhelming the scheme.


These Teal Hive blinds from Style Studio made-to-measure are energy-saving and will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.


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