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When deciding on a window treatment, consider the mood of the room – do you want to take a barely there approach or make a big splash with contrasting colour and pattern? On the practical side, do you need short curtains to avoid losing heat from radiators placed beneath the window, linings to keep out draughts or a blackout treatment so that you can sleep in peace? Or how about remote-controlled opening and closing?

Luxurious Curtains

Framing a window with the soft folds of curtains in a beautiful way to finish a room and the right curtain treatment can also exaggerate the proportions of a window to create the illusion of height. A track or pole can also be extended beyond the frame to make a window seem wider and to ensure that curtains swish right back, not obstructing the view when open.

Curtains are the perfect opportunity to introduce pattern though large prints can dominate a small room or one with a low ceiling.

As Featured in House Beautiful

Roman Blinds are a good option if you want to show off an intricate pattern, such as the Sion Mimosa design by Style Studio

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