Power to the People – Why motorise your blinds?

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Remote-controlled blinds are growing in popularity. In fact, we believe automated blinds will be the norm in UK households within the next couple of years, with the simplicity of a standard household staple being transformed into an automated device.

With so many benefits to automating your window blinds, including advanced technology, extra child safety as well as overall style and sophistication it’s not difficult to see why sales are soaring. One of the newest systems on the market is Powershade, a luxurious and affordable motorised blind that you can operate at the touch of a button, combining style and control with a quiet and smooth operation. Here are 7 reasons to motorise blinds.


1. Easy

Technology is an integral part of our daily lives because it’s becoming more affordable and easy to use. Once installed, Powershade allows you to open and close blinds with the touch of a button – just as you would with the TV. Well, when was the last time you got up to turn the television channel over?

2. Affordable

A motor can be added to blinds at a very reasonable price.

3. Top choice for hard to reach areas

Where it brings a little affordable luxury to any home, the system is particularly suited for people with disabilities, the elderly and the thousands of homeowners who find it difficult to reach or access blind operating cords to close their blinds.

4. Operate numerous blinds together

With the option of a one or five channel remote, for those who have lots of windows in a conservatory or large room, blinds can be grouped to lower and rise together without lifting a finger. Well maybe just one finger.


5. Quiet and discreet

Powershade is one of the most discreet remote operating systems for window blinds.  Shhhhh – can you hear the sound of the blinds being closed?  Neither can we!

6. Child Safe by Design

As with all Style Studio products, the Poweshade automated blinds system is child safe. With no hanging operating cords or loops, it gives complete peace of mind.

7. Wide choice of blinds

Powershade is available on a choice of over 460 fabrics from our new Style Studio roller blind and Mirage blind collections.



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