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This month’s featured key designs in our Style Studio collections are Arden and Fern.

Slowly easing out of summer, with Autumn creeping in, our favourite cosy trends are making a prominent return. Both Arden and Fern boast our much-loved autumnal colours including browns, fawns, creams, reds and purples, with designs which have evolved and grown to suit the ever changing trends in the marketplace.

Both designs are considered extremely authentic due to being drawn and developed by hand as well as taking inspiration from nature and the surrounding environment to create a realistic feel to the fabric as a whole. The amount of time taken is paramount with regard to the precision of the designs.

Arden&Fern Images1

For Arden, inspiration was taken from leaves fallen from trees. The variety of shapes and structure was a prominent feature in the design process, with designers studying and utilising leaf printing as a method in which to gain complete understanding of shape. These designs then came to life and were named Arden, a chic autumnal inspired fabric. When creating Fern, each leaf was intricately drawn by hand using watercolour paint. A variety of fern shapes were designed and laid out in a repeating pattern, creating consistency in the fabric. These were developed using differing autumnal colours, offering options to suit everyone.

We love these as both designs create a cosy atmosphere, perfect for use in areas deemed for relaxation such as the living room or conservatory. We strongly believe every home should have flair and beauty.

Arden&Fern Images2edit

Stay tuned, next month we’ll focus on our Skyline London border fabric!

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