See how our designs are made – Serene!

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This month’s featured key design in our Style Studio collection is ‘Serene’. Inspired by the beauty and intricacy of floral shapes and structure, Serene is divine.
Autumnal tones vary from warm and earthy to neutral and classic. Serene encompasses the neutral end of the spectrum with a tranquil palette of concrete, sand and smokey blue tones.

Introducing floral patterns into a room creates character, whilst conveying an aura of luxury. Patterns can come and go with constantly evolving trends; however florals are classic statement pieces.


When developing Serene, inspiration was taken from nature. Each leaf was intricately drawn by hand using watercolour paint with small floral designs intertwining and then repeating to form a stunning pattern on a large scale. Creating consistency in the design was vital, as floral repetition evokes sophistication. The variety of delicate colours chosen offers a subtle look for any area of the home.


We love this print because neutral colour options can revitalise any room, offering a welcoming and comforting interior. A neutral background allows for bold elements to be introduced with a hint of colour. Co-ordinate these with furnishings including cushions and throws for a prominent effect.

Make a statement with Serene, a striking and sophisticated fabric.


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