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This month’s featured design from our Style Studio collection is ‘Skyline’. Inspired by the iconic structures, colours and styles of London and New York, these designs showcase the most diverse and cultural cities in the world.

Both designs are playful, yet stylish and contemporary, featuring the main attractions of both London and New York: skyscrapers, yellow cabs, double decker buses, historic architecture, and glorious landmarks to name a few.

Our design team sketched out each individual element with precision, keeping the simplicity and beauty of the hand painted images.

When designing the London Skyline fabric, the design team highlighted key distinctive landmarks and themes to incorporate into the fabric. These included the Shard, the single most elegant tower in London, the famous Gherkin, the London Eye and Big Ben, all reflecting onto the River Thames.  When you think of London, you think of red, therefore integrating this colour into the double decker bus, and post and phone boxes adds the perfect wow factor.


Flying across the pond was crucial for the design team to fully comprehend the sheer enormity, shape and structure of Manhattan’s skyline. The pattern includes the iconic Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty and One World Trade Centre. For a boost of colour, the design team applied flashes of yellow, adding the infamous yellow cabs dotted through the middle of the fabric. Additionally, the reflection of the Manhattan skyline onto the Hudson Bay River adds depth to the fabric, making it a beautifully striking design.

Skyline New York Bedroom Roller

With historic and contemporary architecture spanning the landscape of both cities, why wouldn’t you want to incorporate this into your home? Bring the hustle and bustle of the bright lights and the big city into your home today!

Look out next month when we will be diving into the sophisticated Serene fabric.




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