See how our designs are made – Flourish & Meadow Flower!

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All our designs in our Style Studio collection start as a painting, print or ink drawing. Each month we will focus on different designs in the collection and show you the story behind the scenes of how the designs evolved.

Two of our favourite designs are Flourish and Meadow Flower and these both started as drawings and watercolour paintings in the studio. We first planned the design by drawing the overall repeating pattern. In the photos you can see that we then painted the different sections separately. We then scanned in each painting to the computer and these were then used to create a pattern repeat on the computer to make it print ready as a finished design.


To create these designs we painted from flowers and photographs to create the beautiful elements that then build up to the finished design. The idea with these designs is to bring the outside into your home. With the neutral grounds and the pops of colour it means that you can build your room around these designs or add them into an existing room. Most importantly, we want you to have fun adding pattern and colour to their homes this summer.

We love the soft watercolour feel to these two designs and the colours it brings into your home interior when used as a roller blind in your kitchen, sitting room, home office or bedroom. We are passionate about helping you create a beautiful home and blinds are a great way to bring pattern and colour into your home.

handpainting 1

Next month we’ll focus on Arden and Fern, our delicate leaf designs.

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