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Check out our best blinds for a good night’s rest below, along with some great tips to ease the transition into summertime sleep.


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The bittersweet moment in our spring calendar has arrived.  At 01:00am on Sunday 26th March, our clocks went forward, stealing an hour of our sleep but signifying that summer is well and truly on its way (and hopefully bringing with it lighter evenings and lots of sunshine). Hooray!  But while it’s undoubtedly good news for the majority of the UK, it can take a little while for many of us (especially little ones) to adjust to the warmer temperatures and longer days.

Here’s how to celebrate the new season without losing any sleep.

Block out light

Window blinds can be an effective aid to continuing a sleep pattern that’s been established throughout winter.  In fact, there are a whole bunch of sleep optimising benefits that come with new blinds.

Blackout blinds make the room dark and create an ‘artificial’ night-time.  Our brains need darkness to trigger the production of the sleep hormone, melatonin – it signifies to the rest of our body that it’s time to switch off and recharge.

Our blackout roller blinds in eight cute designs that children will love are perfect for creating darkness at bedtime.


Or for a stylish addition to an adult or teenage bedroom, our Banlight vertical blinds in an apple green shade that’s bang on trend for 2017 come with the added bonus of banishing sunlight (until you’re ready for it).


More top sleep tips:

Instead of a sudden change to bedtime, gradually change the time by fifteen minutes at a time across a few days to help little ones adjust.

Alter one thing at a time:  postpone banishing a dummy or establishing night time toilet training until the ‘new’ bedtime has become habit.

Control temperature

Did you know that window blinds can help to keep rooms at a consistent temperature in summer?  Hive blinds trap air and help to block heat/UV rays so everyone can enjoy a more comfortable sleep environment. And they’re also available in blackout.


More top temperature sleep tips:

Invest in seasonal bedding: A lighter tog duvet and natural cotton duvet cover will keep children cool as the weather heats up.

Keep blinds closed during the day and if possible leave a small window open a touch to create a breeze. Use a fan if you live on the ground floor or if you have allergies.

Get a room thermometer so you can monitor temperature and act accordingly.

Try running the bedtime bath a little cooler so little ones don’t get hot and bothered before bed.


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Allergy proof the room

Summer is a time when particles of pollen, dust and other allergens can increase – turning bedrooms into allergy hot spots.

And with windows open more frequently in summer, window dressings are of course the first line of defence.  Rather than heavy fabric curtains, opt for light window coverings that can be easily wiped clean.

More top sleep tips:

Vacuum and dust more often than you would in winter; anti-allergy vacuum cleaners are also available.

Wash bedding at least once a week and buy washable pillows and duvets.


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