Spring has SPRUNG

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We’ve put together a selection of our top trends for Spring 2018 to help you bring a fresh vibe into your home this Spring!


Nature surrounds us in our everyday life, with refreshing and revitalising colours symbolic of new beginnings, growth and life. Geology inspires tactile designs from rock and sand to wood and mineral formations, creating a layered and linear look, bringing elements from the outdoors, indoors.

Interiors expert Lorna McAleer says “Introduce tactile designs to window coverings like Style Studio’s Reed Mocha, which gives a simple linear type sheer look. Pair with wooden elements such as furniture and flooring, which really ties that rustic look together.”



Geometrics exploded into home decor in 2017 and according to trend forecasters, is only going to continue gaining momentum. Unusual juxtapositioning of graphics and contemporary designs such as minimal markings and gridded repeats fuel this trend.

“The geometrics trend remains strong however it is evolving. “Style Studio’s Interiors Expert Lorna McAleer states. “It’s clear that 2018 is the year of the chevron, with the herringbone style look being utilised on walls and window coverings for a soft, more current take on this traditional pattern.”



Make a statement with matching and mismatching colours, with tones ranging from electric pastels to darker tones of plum and teal. “Style Studio’s Mauve Venetian blinds are an excellent backdrop to a contemporary bathroom style, why not add some teal bathroom accessories to really make your guests jealous.”


Download our Spring/Summer 2018 Trend Brochure and be inspired today!

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