Spring/Summer interior trends for 2016 – Artisan Traveller

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As part of our series of Spring/Summer 2016 interior trend boards, we’re looking at how you can bring a rich and cultural look to your home.

Artisan Traveller

Artisan traveller is a celebratory trend; recreate a rich and diverse cultural look by choosing designs whose inspiration is drawn from all over the world. Highly decorative, this trend is a celebration of pattern! Designs such as Azzura and Casablanca have easily recognisable inspirational roots; geometrics from Morocco and Mexican patterns have influenced both these bold and stylised prints.

Contrast pattern with plain in your interior and introduce flashes of fresh and zingy colours, Azzura Aqua could be easily partnered with shades of Sea Blue, Fresh Apple or Spring from Palette for a bright and lively Mediterranean feel. To create a more subtle interior whilst still introducing pattern and detail, look to designs such as Vector or Otto where the pattern has been woven tonally so whilst the exotic and faraway inspiration is still clear the overall feel of your room is more subdued and understated.

Check back next week as we conclude our Spring/Summer 2016 trends with Dark Botanicals.

Artisan Traveller


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