Summer 2017 Colour Trends!

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Check out our new season colour trends and dive into Summer in style!

A major trend in interiors for Summer 2017 is influenced by digital and technology. The trend is fuelled with high-octane, brightly saturated tones including cyan, magenta, yellow and black, alongside geometric prints symbolic of the digital era. Palette Fuschia vertical blinds in a large open living space can add a splash of colour into an otherwise neutral room.


For that warm weather makeover, introduce bursts of exotic orange allowing for citrus shades to sing, alongside co-ordinating apple green. Fire orange, symbolic of a glorious sunset, is perfect for the summer season. Palette Mandarin vertical blinds look great alongside charcoal grey walls and soft furnishings, for that bright pop of colour.


Combine ocean and electric blues for a cool yet bold atmosphere. Blue is incredibly versatile. Being the colour of sky and water, it has a fresh and free feeling, yet can be energising if bright enough. Introduce Infusion asc Azure pleated blinds, a strong tonal option representative of the pacific blue trend. Or why not welcome Hive blinds, the ultimate in innovation. As well as looking beautiful, the unique structure helps the room remain cool in summer and warm in winter.


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