Think ‘hygge’ for a cosy home

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Think ‘Hygee’ for a cosy home


One of the nicest things about Winter is making your home look and feel cosy.

‘Hygge’ is a Danish concept that the team here at Style Studio came across recently and we wanted to share this on our blog for those looking to create the ultimate inviting and happy home.

Often translated as ‘cosy’, hygge is an entire approach to life that encourages us to create a relaxing and homely environment and indulge in whatever makes us feel content. It’s all about enjoying life and sharing moments with family; dimmed lights, cosy fires, candles and sumptuous, soft and snug materials.  It’s that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you’re inside with the heating on while its blows a blizzard outside or cuddled up under a blanket to watch a film with your family.”

Relax, feel at-home and forget life’s worries – that’s hygge.  Feeling inspired?  Here are some ideas on how to apply this concept to your home.

Layer up for a cosy bedroom retreat

Double dress windows in luxurious thick, lined fabrics, like Style Studio’s Elega crushed velvet curtains teamed with Roman blinds.  Pile on pillows, blankets and throws, then make the most of the darker evenings and snuggle down for an early night with a good book.  Pure bliss.

Comfort Food


Hygge cuisine is feel good food.  Ditch the diet and opt for some wholesome old fashioned comfort food like a warming winter stew and dumplings or a steaming mug of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows.  Eating with family and friends is also a key component of the hygge concept, so prepare food with love and care, allowing yourself the time to relish the experience of enjoying and sharing the finished meal.

Dim the lights


Soft natural light through blinds can make a room feel ultra cosy and makes the most of the daylight hours we do enjoy during the winter. Our Japonica asc silk pleated blinds will create an infused and dappled ‘hygee’ lighting effect.

When the daylight fades, create atmosphere with candles, fairy lights and dimmer lamps.

A Multi-sensory Home

Hygge incorporates all of the senses, so pay attention to how your home sounds and smells as well as its appearance.  For a truly multi-sensory experience introduce delicious aromas into the home – like warming winter citrus, spices such as cloves or cinnamon, freshly ground coffee or homemade bread and biscuits. Similarly, think about the sounds that make you feel happy and contented. Some soft background music can create a wonderful relaxing ambience.


Cosy up the Hygge way with Hive blinds


Our gorgeous Hive blinds come in a range of beautiful autumnal colours and, because of their cellular structure, they have insulating and sound blocking qualities. Hive blinds are perfect for shutting out the cold weather and cosying up ‘hygee’-style.

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