Ultimate Design Style Guide: Contemporary

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Our second instalment of our Ultimate Style Guide takes a look into Contemporary – an ultra-modern look for the home.


In contemporary interiors, less is more!

If you desire a minimalistic home filled with serenity and luxury, then a contemporary design style is for you. Contemporary typically refers to a home with clean lines, a simple colour palette and the use of strong materials such as metal, glass and steel.

Employing simplicity in every element is key. Why not introduce glass or metal railings for the stairway, cleverly positioned alongside a spectacular lighting fixture or a piece of modern art. Make use of any big, open spaces available. However, to keep the minimalistic look, each piece within the space has to make a statement.

Contemporary Living Space

Solid or subtly patterned fabrics in black, white and grey are often used to define the design style. A basic neutral backdrop allows us to experiment with elements of colour, creating accents throughout the room, whether this be on soft furnishings or interchangeable objects such as lamps or mirrors.

Banlight Duo FR Silver Bedroom Roller Blind

Colour block is a significant factor when introducing a contemporary vibe. Style Studio’s Banlight Silver roller blinds are ideal for a bedroom interior adding a modern edge with their simple, sleek nature.

Smooth, clean, straight lines scream contemporary, and with Venetian blinds being an all-round stylish product, why not introduce Style Studio’s Smoulder Venetian blinds, a dark grey blind perfect for a kitchen/diner space to add that flair of beauty.

Kitchen Diner Smoulder Venetian Blind

A contemporary design style can be adapted to suit any home, however it’s important to remember the soul of this style is minimalism. Make your blind that statement piece, to be a strong impact in the room when other elements remain simple.

Stay tuned for next week when we will conclude our Ultimate Design Style Guide with Traditional, a look into the most classic design spaces perfect for those looking to implement a vintage style home.

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