Prepare your home for the colder months with INTU Blinds

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As the colder months approach, frostier and darker weather is on the way, and what better way to prepare than with a new set of INTU blinds? INTU blinds have many benefits and offer the perfect autumn and winter colour palette to create the ultimate cosy atmosphere in your home. In this blog we’ll look at how to make your home autumn and winter-ready using INTU blinds.

INTU blinds layered with curtains

People tend to be concerned with blinds in autumn and winter as they are brisker seasons. It is a good idea to find out the main problems that people face in these colder months regarding blinds, which are usually – Heat loss, Excessive Winter Sunlight and Privacy due to artificial light.

Heat loss during the colder months

It’s challenging to relax comfortably and cosily at home when the cold air creeps in during the cooler months as a typical house loses 18% of its total heat through the windows.

INTU hive cellular multizone blind

A perfect solution provided by INTU Blinds is the Hive Cellular Blind. Hive Cellular fabrics are one of the greatest insulating fabrics because of their unique honeycomb design, which traps air and improves climate management in your house while also lowering your energy expenses.

The blind creates an insulated barrier which prevents heat from passing through and coming into contact with the cold glass panels. Making it the Perfect Blind for the frosty weather!

Excessive Autumn and Winter Sunlight

We may not get as much sun during autumn/winter as we do in summer but it’s still definitely there. Sometimes only a cloud has to pass and the bright autumn sun streams into the house, increasing the risk of glare on computer screens or televisions and interrupting daily activities and relaxation.

INTU Hive Cellular Blind

INTU Venetian Blinds are stylish, simple and give you full and easy control over light meaning you do not need to worry about unwanted sunlight creeping into your home. Our Style Studio Venetian range contains over 100 slat options which includes metallic, gloss, matte and pearlescent finishes. Complete the perfect Autumnal home today with the Venetian Blind!

Autumn/Winter Privacy

In the darker months we rely much more on artificial light, having to almost always have to turn on the lights much earlier in the morning and evening. The darkness outside and the brightness inside makes it more obvious to passers-by what is going on in your home and illuminates your family’s peace. Secure your privacy today by installing INTU Privacy.

INTU Privacy Venation Blind

Venetian Blinds provide light control, but our Privacy options take it a step further. With no visible holes in the blind, Privacy provides complete closure by minimising light gaps, which not only provides a sense of privacy, but also increases security when no one is home. This is the perfect Blind to protect your family’s seclusion during these darker months.

Fabrics to create the perfect Autumn feel

Colour has the ability to change the ambiance of a space, and we have you covered with our INTU Pleated collection. This collection includes the perfect colour palette and a broad choice of fabric options to choose from, including our Shadow Blackout fabric, which is perfect for creating a warm, autumnal sanctuary in your home, or if you’re feeling brave, use a splash of orange colour to enhance a neutral environment!

Your blinds are such an important part of the house and are much more than accessories, they help out with everyday tasks and provide a space of normality and safety which is why it is important to us that our INTU Blinds provides you with the most stylish and elevated home this Autumn/Winter!

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